Los Angeles-based band Smallpools seems eager to showcase its indie pop sensibilities in debut album Lovetap!.

The opening number from Lovetap!American Love, is a bouncy track that alternates between speedy guitar riffs and dreamy synth pop sound. Meanwhile, Karaoke is a jarring blend of hand-clapping beats, live crowd chanting and electronic beats that translate to a radio-friendly pop track.

I can imagine a bevy of carefree concert-goers singing, “Take me out and we’ll care about/Nothing real, nothing real, real at all”.

Suddenly, though, the fun stops at (Submarine). The enthereal ambient ballad is a standout track which shows that the band can do more than just inoffensive music festival-ready tunes.

If you like the sounds of Foster The People or San Cisco, then Smallpools’ Lovetap! will make a nice addition to your playlist.


Artist : Smallpools

Genre : Indie Pop