There are plenty of songs that celebrate love and the crazy things it can make us do. Songs like Paul McCartney and Wings’ Silly Love Songs, Beyonce’s classic Crazy In Love and Cheryl Cole’s (featuring Tinie Tempah) Crazy Stupid Love. And not forgetting Stupid Love from Jason Derulo.

But this isn’t a story about these kinds of love songs. Here we celebrate love songs that are actually silly, and stupid on purpose!

Here’s our list:

1. Ylvis – Language of Love

Ylvis are a Norwegian comedic duo consisting of brothers Vegard and Bard Ylvisaker. Their music video The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) went viral and, as of July, hit 600 million views. Maybe this one will follow suit but it might be a bit too “crazy” for some people.

2. Bushes of Love

What the folks from Bad Lip-Reading have done is take classic scenes from Star Wars, alter the words and turn them into a believable song where the characters seem to be actually saying these words. If you ignore the lyrics, it’s actually quite catchy – and may even get stuck in your head! Of course this is a liberal interpretation of love.

3. Bill Bailey – Love Song

Bailey is a famous stand-up comedian and he’s done a few silly love songs. This one goes from dark to hopeful and then becomes just plain bizarre. Having said that, you might actually improve your vocabulary listening to this.

4. Bryant Oden – Funny Love Song (You Turn My Pinkies Blue)

Oden specialises in coming up with silly songs that cover just about every scenario. Here is a silly love song you can sing along to.

5. Comedy Mill – Lada Love

Smith and Smith’s Comedy Mill was a TV show that ran from 1987-1991. So please bear with the quality of the video. After all  love songs are not just for people, but can also be dedicated to pets and even cars.