If there was one word that best describes Jay Chou, it would definitely be “Invincible”!

On Aug 6, Stadium Merdeka was spilling over with Mandopop fans at the Jay Chou “The Invincible” Concert Tour 2016 in Malaysia.

It has always been a challenge just trying to get into the venue of a Jay Chou concert, but it was even harder this time because it has been two years since Asia’s King of Pop last played here. There were so many people trying to get in that I couldn’t even tell where the entrance was, and could hardly breathe as I pushed my way through the crowd. By the time I got into the stadium, I was already sweating from head-to-toe.

But, of course, it was well worth the effort. After all, a Jay Chou concert is absolutely unmatched for its musical, theatrical and cinematic experience.

Throughout the three-hour-long show, the whole stadium was a sea of pink, with fans waving bright pink glowsticks and screaming out his name. Members of his fan club came with painted faces, some with his name emblazoned along their jawline, others with his face printed on their cheeks.

Jay Chou

One of the main highlights of the show this time was the 4D stage. Concert goers were wowed with a stunning visual spectacle show right from the start. There was an astronaut walking in deep space, then there were scenes of a mermaid swimming undersea, and even a deep sea diver being chased off by a shark.

His song set was as compelling as his stage. The 20,000-strong crowd sang along to favourites like Wu Shuang (Unparalleled), Kai Bu Liao Kou (Can’t Say), Mei Ren Yu (Mermaid), Wu Ding (Rooftop), Bai Se Feng Che (White Windmill).

For the hip-hop set, the King of Asian Pop sang while lounging on a throne, before moving on to a more jazzy sequence, where he sat at a piano.

Chou even introduced his latest protege, 16-year-old Canadian-Taiwanese singer named Patrick Brasca, and together with the rest of his proteges, Gary and Dan Tou, they wowed audience with 36 songs, including the theme from Chou’s latest Hollywood movie Now You See Me 2.

Jay chou

With his colourful costumes and unique stage, Chous concert was a visual spectacular.

It was clear that Chou loves being in Malaysia – he even brought his wife Hannah Quinlivan and his one-year-old daughter Hathaway to Port Dickson for a family holiday recently.

During the concert, Chou praised Malaysia’s hospitality and thanked his fans for their generosity. “I arrived here a few days earlier, and found Malaysian fans to be incredibly friendly. We went for a meal at a restaurant and the boss wouldn’t let us pay for it. He just wanted me to take a picture with his daughter! Needless to say, I kept going back to eat there. The people here are truly very nice.”

When the concert came to an end, fans kept calling for encores and just refused to leave the stadium. Fortunately, Chou was in an obliging mood, and continued the show with three encores, adding another 11 songs to the original 25-song set! The concert then evolved into a meet-the-fans session where Chou sang duets with several fans, and even indulged in a bit of matchmaking, in which he playfully paired up several fans. It was truly a special night for his fans, and this surely would not be the last time we see Chou in Malaysia.