Come April 1, it will be 20 years since local pop legend Datuk Siti Nurhaliza released her self-titled debut album.

To commemorate Siti’s illustrious 20-year career, music streaming service Yonder Music will be throwing a free Datuk Siti Nurhaliza And Friends concert, for its subscribers on April 2, 8pm, at Stadium Negara.

Siti, who has performed a number of concerts last year, says her upcoming show will offer something different. For one, she will be joined by Indonesian singers Anggun, Afgan, Cakra Khan and local artistes Faizal Tahir and Hafiz.

“It unites me with my friends, who are music legends in a class of their own,” the 37-year-old singer says at a press event to promote the concert in Kuala Lumpur.

The musical guests, who will all be performing Siti’s hits, were chosen by Yonder Music and herself.

“I didn’t think we could get Anggun on board,” she shares candidly. “Anggun is an international singer who has inspired many Asian singers.”

Specially for the event, Siti will cover Anggun’s signature hit Snow On The Sahara while Anggun will deliver Siti’s Bukan Cinta Biasa.

“From what I know of her musical journey, her migrating to another country to achieve her dreams, I respect her spirit. And although she’s known as an international artiste, she’s well-known in France, yet she hasn’t forgotten her roots, she still holds strongly to her culture and traditions,” Siti gushes about Anggun. “It’s an honour to get to share the stage with her.”

Besides an impressive roster of musical guests, fans can expect to hear a different treatment to Siti’s staples.

“I’m also excited because, usually I’m accompanied by my music director Aubrey Suwito, but this time round, I’ve entrusted Jkey with the responsibility,” she shares on the music director of the night who hails from the United States.

“I’ve never worked with him before in a concert. I am nervous. It’ll be different from the music you’ve heard as he will re-arrange all my hits songs.”

Siti will also be backed by a full orchestra as well as five musicians from New York who has played with Alicia Keys and Ludacris.

The evening will have another surprise in store for fans.

“I will be performing a song by the late Whitney Houston but I can’t reveal its title just yet,” Siti teases.

Since the launch of Yonder Music in Malaysia last November, its founder and chief executive officer Adam Kidron says the streaming service has drawn around 150,000 subscribers so far, and it’s increasing at 10% each week.

Kidron says the concert is part of Yonder Music’s dedication to “an experience, not just an application.”

Siti shares her thoughts on the trend of the consumption of music on digital platforms: “We have to follow the changes in technology which is becoming more and more advanced. We can’t say no. We have to chase after it. If we don’t, we will fall behind.

“There are pros and cons so we have to be smart about our choices.” However, Siti adds that she will still continue to release physical CDs as it holds sentimental value.

Celcom customers with Yonder Music can stand a chance to win passes to the concert. Find out how from and