Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Ofelia K has seen a few of her collaborative tracks gain indie cred over the past three years, but she’s just recently coming to light with her solo music, and critics are taking note.

Ofelia K has performed as vocalist of the indie-pop duo Wanderhouse and collaborated on the 2013 EDM track New Scene from producer Felix Cartal, which Billboard called “one of the best dance recordings of the year”. It is only since June that she has been releasing music under her solo moniker, though she’s still working with her Wanderhouse other-half, Andy Rosen (aka Doctor Rosen Rosen).

Bloggers are currently talking about Ofelia K’s most recent single, Gone, which is one in a string of heartfelt pop tracks showcasing her delicate voice over clever complementary production.

Kick Kick Snare calls the track “a breathy, emotive masterpiece. Detuned pianos, gorgeous reverberations, and a stark intimacy build into a work that’s both fragile and poignant.”

Here’s another review: “From the start you can feel all the pain that Ofelia delivers in her gentle vocals as they flutter above the piano accompaniment. … Ofelia K definitely knows how to make us cry, but in in all of the best ways possible,” writes Oblivious Pop.

Ofelia K’s debut single, White T-Shirt, is available from Nashville label South by Sea Music and can be found on iTunes along with Gone, plus a remix of White T-Shirt by Golden Coast and her second single, As A Bell. You can also listen to all four via SoundCloud.

Her 2013 recording with Felix Cartel can be found on YouTube.

There is no shortage of places to follow Ofelia K online. Find her on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram and at www.ofeliak.com. – AFP Relaxnews