Stop what you’re doing and check out the latest single from one of Malaysia’s most beloved singers, Datuk Sheila Majid.

The brand new song – Sinaran Cinta – is part of soundrack to Sinaran the movie/musical, which is scheduled for release next month. Other than Sinaran Cinta, the soundtrack (Universal Music Malaysia) also includes classic Sheila Majid hits like Di Dalam Emosi Ini, Antara Anyer Dan Jakarta, Fikirkan Dahulu and of course, Sinaran.

Aside from Sinaran Cinta, the other new track is called Tanpamu; both were composed by Kevin Chin and Shahrom Rashid.

Sinaran Cinta is the first new track by Sheila since her last full album in 2004 (Cinta Kita). The jazz-pop singer, who has been “semi-retired” for several years now, has only released compilation albums and performed at special gigs and events since then.

Apart from singing the song for the movie, Sheila will also make a rare appearance in the Osman Ali-directed musical. This is a real treat for fans as the last time she was seen in a movie was 30 years ago in the romantic comedy Ali Setan!

Sinaran the movie follows the story of how five youngsters who meet in college go through life’s challenges. Distributed by GSC Movies, it stars Lisa Surihani, Izara Aishah, Syarif Sleeq and Nadiah M. Din, as well as Indonesian actor Evan Sanders.

It opens on Nov 26 in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

Sheila Majid is set to perform Sinaran Cinta live for the very first time at the Akademi Fantasia final concert on Oct 11.