Jason Derulo will perform at the MTV World Stage Malaysia show this weekend. Photo: MTV

Jason Derulo will perform at the MTV World Stage Malaysia show this weekend. Photo: MTV

You’re probably busy memorising the lyrics to all your favourite Jason Derulo numbers in anticipation of his performance at MTV World Stage Malaysia this weekend in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Here are some interesting facts on the Want To Want Me hitmaker.

1. His last name is actually spelt “Desrouleaux” although pronounced the same way. He adopted the new spelling to make things easier for, well, everyone.

2. Before Derulo became the chart-topping recording artiste he is today, he worked behind the scenes as a songwriter for three years, penning tunes for Sean Kingston and Lil Wayne. Thank goodness the world eventually got to hear his silky smooth vocals.

3. Speaking of names, are you wondering why you haven’t heard him singing his name at the start of his songs anymore?

Derulo retired from it beginning with his third studio release in 2013 onwards. “It was fun while it lasted,” he told Radio.com.

But Meghan Trainor couldn’t help singing his name when she guested on Painkiller, a song off Derulo’s 2015 album. Guess that doesn’t count right?

4. Derulo was once told he may never be able to walk again. In 2012, the performer broke his neck while practicing a backflip for his tour.

“The odds are crazy. I was either supposed to be paralysed or not here at all,” he said in an interview on ABC’s Nightline. “I’m blessed to even be able to sit here, let alone get on stage and still dance. It’s totally a miracle.”

5. Derulo once went bananas on … bananas! He told Us Weekly: “I used to eat four bananas per day when I was in college in New York because they were 25 cents a piece and I was a baller on a budget. People would ask why I ate so many bananas and I would say, ‘I’m on this new potassium diet’.”