Starring : Yise Loo, Teddy Chin, Koe Yeet, Billy Ng, Cathryn Lee, Aenie Wong, Jeffrey Cheng, Dennis Lau

Director : Jason Kok

Release Date : 11 Sep 2014

True love is a myth and romance is a fairy tale. Well, that’s what modern working girls with dreary love lives always seem to say. Maybe what they need is a little sprinkling of magic from Cupid to transform their romantic fantasies into reality, and what better way to do so than to take a trip to the local cinema and laugh through the light-hearted Fantasia.

Fantasia is a fun-filled affair about three very different young women who get their hands on some magical items and embark upon the craziest journeys of their lives. This boisterous anthology of three stories chronicles the lives and loves of the ladies before and after Cupid makes his entrance.

Cupid in the movie is a chubby cherub in the form of a bald, bespectacled boy.

The impish tyke doesn’t shoot heart-tipped arrows, but dispenses peculiar magical items to liven up the ho-hum love lives of the quirky leading ladies, including a magical potion that renders the drinker invisible, a magical software that changes the user’s look, and a magical fountain pen that turns the writer’s fantasies into reality.

Touched by love: Cathryn Lee stars as an Angelababy clone named Katebaby whom Billy Ng’s art director falls for.

Cupid’s first hit is a tomboyish boxing instructor named Fit (Yise Loo), who can’t seem to see eye-to-eye with effeminate dance instructor Man (Teddy Chin).

Cupid’s gift to Fit is a carton of drinks labelled Magic H20. After downing a can, she becomes invisible and promptly ditches her clothes and goes gallivanting gleefully about town without a stitch on, doing all the things most people would do if they turned invisible too.

Later, Fit decides to play a prank on Man and tricks him into drinking the magic potion. Unfortunately, Man doesn’t find invisibility as much fun as he is waiting to attend a dance audition for his dream job. So, how do they solve this problem?

In the second story, Cupid targets a wide-eyed fresh graduate named Kate (Koe Yeet) who falls for dashing art director Yi Fei (Billy Ng); and gives her a CD with a magical image-editing software.

When Kate learns that Yi Fei is looking for a model who looks like Angelababy, she amuses herself by merging a picture of Angelababy with one of her own. To her surprise, she finds herself transformed into an Angelababy clone named Katebaby (Cathryn Lee), and gleefully signs up to become a model with Yi Fei’s agency.

However, when Yi Fei eventually starts to fall for her, she begins to wonder if it is Katebaby’s face or Kate’s personality that he loves more.

For his final hit, Cupid targets novelist Nine Cats (Aenie Wong), who has not been able to bring herself to re-enter the dating game after a heartbreaking episode during her school days. The magical item she is given turns out to be (get this) a Malaysia Boleh pen.

When she arrives at a remote resort to begin her new project, Nine Cats bumps into her first love Hao Shuai (Jeffrey Cheng), who is having a reunion with his former schoolmates, and their violinist friend Lin Lai Feng (Dennis Lau), whom they used to bully in school.

Incensed at meeting the boys who hurt her so deeply when they were kids, Nine Cats grabs the pen and frantically pens a mystery thriller to get back at them. However, the story turns into a crime horror thriller as the boys go missing, one by one. How will Nine Cats save the situation?

Director Jason Kok, well-known for helming much-loved local Mandarin television dramas like Age Of Glory,The Iron Lady, and The Descendant, manages to get the most out of his youthful cast. Credit also goes to Fantasia’s Hong Kong producer Sampson Yuen for amassing an interesting cast of young faces.

Since each story has its own surprising, heart-warming, rib-tickling, jaw-dropping twist, it’s worth waiting until the end for the outcome.

The movie is mainly in Mandarin with a sprinkling of Malay, English and Cantonese.