An actor since the 1950s and a director since the 1960s, Tan Sri Jins Shamsudin had been involved in more than 50 films. Some of his earlier projects included Matahari, Pancha Delima, Sarjan Hassan, Lela Manja, Anak Pontianak and Samseng.

In Sarjan Hassan, he worked under the direction of Tan Sri P. Ramlee, playing the role of a fellow soldier. He would later direct P. Ramlee in Bukan Salah Ibu Mengandong (1969) and Di Belakang Tabir (1970).

Here are some significant films from Jins.

Gerak Kilat (1966)

Jins played the suave spy, Jefri Zain. Jefri was created in the same vein as Sean Connery’s James Bond; thus Jefri, too, had fast cars and was surrounded by a bevy of pretty women. There were two other Jefri Zain films in 1968, Bayangan Ajal and Jurang Bahaya.

Gerak Kilat

Gerak Kilat

Si Tanggang (1961)

This film is based on an old folktale about a man who forgets his beginnings after becoming rich and powerful, to the point of being dismissive of his own mother. Jins showed his ability to play nice and evil all in one film.

The Esok Series

Jins acted and directed the four films that would make up the Esok series: Menanti Hari Esok (1977), Tiada Esok Bagimu (1979), Esok Masih Ada (1980) and Esok Untuk Siapa (1982). Each of these films explores various social issues, focusing on a family and the challenges they face in the modern world.

Ali Setan

Ali Setan

Bukit Kepong (1981)

This patriotic film is based on the true events revolving around an attack by the communists in the year 1950, which reached a climax with a battle at the police station in Bukit Kepong, Johor. Eighteen police officers stood against 180 communists that day. Bukit Kepong was an expensive production that featured an extensive combat sequence.

Ali Setan (1985)

This film proves that Jins had a lighter side to him. Although he only had a cameo in the romantic comedy, Jins wrote and directed it. The story revolves around a couple in a university and stars Azmil Mustapha and Fauziah Ahmad Daud.

Esok Masih Ada

Esok Masih Ada

Formidable force

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