James Wan – who is currently enjoying the success of The Conjuring 2 – is the producer of Lights Out, a film that sounds scary just from the title itself.

Directed by David F. Sandberg and based on his short film, Lights Out tells the story of a pair of siblings who see “weird” things when the lights are turned off. (Hopefully, since they probably have their lights on almost all the time, they use energy-saving bulbs or the electricity bill is going to be a whopper.)

As a child growing up, Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) never felt safe in the dark as she kept seeing a supernatural creature when there is no light around. When she learns her brother (Gabriel Bateman) is experiencing the same thing, Rebecca returns home.

Then there is their mother (Maria Bello) who suffers from a mental illness and is often talking to a “friend” that no one else sees. Are they all connected somehow? Rebecca looks into the matter, and she gets real close to finding out the truth, but darkness is always looming not too far away.

Lights Out premieres in Malaysia on July 21. – Mumtaj Begum

lights out

Even when you are thin, getting stuck in the doorway is a real possibility. Photo: Warner Bros