Rajinikanth’s upcoming action flick Kabali was not only shot in Malaysia, it also features our very own Datuk Rosyam Nor in a minor role.

His scene, however, was shot in Chennai, India. When the 49-year-old Malaysian first met the Indian superstar, he started talking about branding.

Rosyam said he wanted to know Rajinikanth’s secret for maintaining a huge following after four decades in the movie business.

“You know he’s 65 years old and his fans still go crazy over him. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw grown men crying and just losing it in his presence,” said Rosyam during an interview in Kuala Lumpur.

Rosyam never got to find out Rajinikanth’s secret. Instead, the legendary Kollywood actor was more invested in Rosyam’s own career.

Rajinikanth stars in Kabali.

Rajinikanth stars in Kabali.

“He was very humble. He just wanted to know how many movies I’ve done as an actor myself. When he found out about my experience, he asked why did I accept a minor role for Kabali. I said I just wanted to have the experience of sharing a scene with him,” he said.

Rosyam made his acting debut in 1985 with Gila-Gila Remaja and has since proven himself to be one of Malaysia’s most acclaimed actors.

In 1999, he received the Best Supporting Actor award at the Asia-Pacific Film Festival for his role in Lenjan.

In the same year, he won Best Supporting Actor at Malaysia Film Festival (FFM) and Anugerah Skrin. He would then add two more FFM awards for Best Actor in 2008 (Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang) and Best Supporting Actor (KL Gangster 2) in 2014.

“When I was on the set with him, I felt this sense of pride. For the first time in my life, I was with one of the biggest actors in the world,” he said on his acting stint with Rajinikanth.

Rosyam stars as a henchman to a gangster played by Taiwanese actor Winston Chao.

Actor Rosyam scored a role in Rajinikanths upcoming action flick Kabali. Photo: The Star/Azlina Abdullah

Actor Rosyam scored a role in Rajinikanths upcoming action flick Kabali. Photo: The Star/Azlina Abdullah

A teaser trailer for Kabali was released on April 30 and to date has over 17 million views on YouTube. Rosyam can be seen in this trailer alongside fellow local actor Norman Hakim.

Rosyam shared that he has a fight scene with Rajinikanth in the movie. “Of course, my character gets beaten up by Rajinikanth. I mean he’s the hero of the movie. I think I get to hit him just a litte bit.”

Rosyam also said the teaser was “incredible” and he has found himself a new fanbase within the Indian community.

As for other movie projects, Rosyam said he will be starring in KL Special Force, an action film directed by Syafiq Yusof.

After Hari Raya, he will start shooting for Syamsul Yusof’s Tailong, a KL Gangster 2 spin-off. Rosyam is also making it his personal mission to prove that actors his age still deserve leading roles in the local movie scene.

“If they can do it in Hollywood with actors like Liam Neeson then why not here? But of course, I have to prove my capability first. I’ll be 50 next year. I think of my career as not ending anytime soon. Perhaps, I’ll be more selective towards action movies. I don’t think I can do love stories anymore. I feel that the audience won’t be able to accept that.”