Actress Nadiya Nisaa got her big break starring opposite Aaron Aziz in popular TV series Adam & Hawa in 2012. She recalled how the offer to star in Love, Supermoon came right after Adam & Hawa ended.

“Due to the nature of my character in Adam & Hawa, I remember having to feel sad all the time. So when Love, Supermoon came along, I was really excited because there is an outlet for me to feel upbeat again,” said Nadiya, 29, in an interview in Kuala Lumpur, recently.

Audiences get to see different sides to Nadiya in Love, Supermoon as she falls in and out of love through different stages of her life.

“My character Triz is a hopeless romantic. She doesn’t get it right when it comes to love. I think, a lot of people can relate to that.”

Farid Kamil plays Razak, a doctor. Photo: The Star/Samuel Ong

Farid Kamil plays Razak, a doctor. Photo: The Star/Samuel Ong

The idea for the movie was conceived by director and scripwriter Wan Hasliza Wan Zainuddin.“Love, Supermoon is essentially about jodoh (soulmate). We see how Triz who is a little bit desperate to get married that she keeps going for the wrong guys. Part of the reason for her distress could be that her close friends have found their true love and are all happily settled down,” said Hasliza.

Triz’s friends are Nina (Rita Rudaini) and Tiha (Anne Ngasri). “Nina is married to Zain whom she met in secondary school. Then we have Tiha who was unlucky in love but all that changed when she met an older man,” Hasliza revealed. The movie also stars Farid Kamil.

To prepare for the role of Triz, Nadiya watched a lot of romantic comedies starring Meg Ryan and also movies with Kristen Wiig. Hasliza said she was fortunate to have Nadiya star in her directorial debut.

“Nadiya is very flexible. She could ad-lib and be very spontaneous on set. She came up with this scene where she was whistling to Zaiton Sameon’s Menaruh Harapan and it was hilarious,” Hasliza said.

The song’s haunting lyrics about loneliness seem to fit Triz perfectly. But Triz (and the audience) will discover that overcoming heartbreak is the best way to find one’s true self.

In real life, Nadiya is on a winning streak, having scored awards for Best Female Actress in Comedy at Anugerah Lawak Warna and Best Supporting Actress at the recent Malaysia Filem Festival. Next, she will be seen in Dain Said’s highly-anticpated film Interchange.

“I’m still the same person really. I wear cheap clothes and live in a simple home. To me, nothing has changed,” Nadiya said with a smile.

Love, Supermoon is currently showing in cinemas nationwide.