According to news reports, Disney is planning to bring Mary Poppins back to the big screen.


First reported by Entertainment Weekly, the news mentions that the project will be helmed by director Rob Marshall, who did last year’s Into The Woods musical starring Meryl Streep, James Corden and Emily Blunt. David Magee, who did the script for Life Of Pi, has been commissioned to work on this movie.

The original Mary Poppins (1964) was loosely based on a book of series written by Pamela L. Travers featuring the world’s best nanny – played by Julie Andrews, of course – who came from the sky to help sort out some issues in the Banks family. The updated version will supposedly portray a slightly different Mary, one that is more faithful to the original character described in the books.

Also, Mary Poppins 2.0 will be set 20 years later from the original, which means it will take place in the 1930s aka The Great Depression. Not sure how it will make sense for the Banks family to have a nanny back then (unless George Banks is disgustingly rich) but we’re sure the Disney team will figure things out.

We can also expect the costumes to be slightly different (we’re especially excited about this!) and it is reported that some new songs will be added, too.

As for who will take on the leading role, it seems like actress Anne Hathaway is the current favourite, but we think there are others who could also make a great Mary Poppins.

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt proved that she could sing (well, she did OK) in Into The Woods. She’s also played a variety of characters and has been in dramas, action thrillers, comedies and um, The Devil Wears Prada.

Check out this clip of Blunt singing a song in the TV movie, Gideon’s Daughter.

Anna Kendrick

Thanks to the Pitch Perfect movies (as well as Into The Woods), we all know that Anna Kendrick can sing. She’s also kind of sweet, or at least, the character she plays have been sort of “nice”. And Mary Poppins is a nice person.

Alicia Vikander

Have you seen the trailer for The Danish Girl? Alicia Vikander looks like she did a great job in that drama, which also stars Eddie Redmayne. Vikander was also in The Man From U.N.C.L.E which opened in Malaysia last month.

Although we do like her, we were not sure at first if she could sing until we saw her appearance on The Tonight Show (starring Jimmy Fallon); she can carry a tune after all.

Maybe not like Julie Andrews, but she could take some lessons, right?

Audrey Tatou

French actress Audrey Tatou stole our hearts in the movie Amelie playing a quirky, lovable character. Then she starred in a Hollywood movie with Tom Hanks and we forgot about her.

Could she play Mary Poppins? We’d love to see it happen. Here she is singing in one of her earlier movies, Pas Sur La Bouche (Not On The Lips, 2003).

Kate Winslet

Multi award-winning actress and mother of three children Kate Winslet seems like an unlikely choice to play Mary Poppins but we think she would be great as the singing, dancing, jolly nanny who knows how to get children to eat their medicine.