Recently, an article on an American lifestyle aggregator was brought to our attention, alleging that a celebrity interview published by on May 28, 2019, never happened.

The interview was with actor Keanu Reeves, written by US correspondent Philip Berk for his fortnightly column Hollywood Confidential, published by StarLifestyle and

Berk is a member (and former President) of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, a non-profit organisation of journalists who report on the US entertainment industry for media groups outside the US. The HFPA also conducts the Golden Globe Awards.

Berk, a longtime columnist for The Star, confirmed that the interview took place at the Four Seasons New York in April 2019, at a press conference between the HFPA and Reeves who was promoting his new film John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.

In the article Keanu Reeves says he is “the lonely guy”, Reeves referred to himself as “the lonely guy” when asked about what love means to him. The aggregator, however, claims “a rep for Keanu Reeves” denied the interview and told its reporter that the quote was “fabricated”.

Berk, who has been a journalist for 40  years, has clarified that “the lonely guy” comment did come from a previous interview he had with Reeves, and refutes the allegation that he fabricated any of his interviews with the actor.