In mid-April, a woman told a Korean cable show that when she woke up, she was naked and Choi Jong-hoon was beside her. The incident happened in 2016 after she blacked out after drinking with five men. She believed that she was gang-raped by the men, including K-pop artists Choi, 29, and Jung Joon-young, whom she had known since 2012.

On Thursday (May 9), Choi was arrested on suspicion of gang rape on two occasions in 2016. According to The Korea Herald, Choi said he only drank with the woman. If convicted, he faces at least five years in prison and up to life imprisonment.

Jung has been arrested over the secret filming of sex videos and sharing them in chat groups.

On Friday, a court began to hear the case against him. He was not required to be present at the preparatory hearing but he turned up wearing a black suit. His lawyer said the singer is not contesting the charges.

Jung is also seeking to reach a settlement with the victims of his illicit videos. – The Straits Times/Asia News Network