Often, working parents who have young children lament that they don’t spend enough time with their kids.

So, why not watch a movie with them as a fun activity on the weekend?

The cinema can be a good “dating” location for married couples without leaving their little ones to guardians or maids.

In the latest move, Golden Screen Cinemas Sdn Bhd (GSC) launched a theatre which is friendly to children – PlayPlus at IOI Mall Puchong which is equipped with play facilities and offers a family-oriented environment.

Designed for the young at heart, PlayPlus is a new sub-brand for GSC, specially crafted to meet the needs of families and children.

More than just a hall or theatre for kids and young adults, PlayPlus is built to entertain, empower and inspire audiences through edutainment, thus its name – play plus more.

A big slide and “ball pit”, are stationed on the right side of the seats, while a playground area below the screen acts as a “centre of attraction” for the small children.

GSC PlayPlus in IOI Mall Puchong allows children the freedom to play in the cinema hall.

GSC PlayPlus in IOI Mall Puchong allows children the freedom to play in the cinema hall.

The parents can enjoy the movie without having any concern or fear of their children straying off as the lights in the auditorium are slightly dimmed throughout the movie for safety purposes.

“The sound system is also good, suitable for the children. Although we were watching a superhero film, my child was not shocked by the sound from the movie,” said Cheryl Lim when met after she watched Captain Marvel with her two-year-old, Kara.

The cinema provides 80 seats of various types: Normal, Twin, Cuddle Coach and Beanbag.

For Yuyu Zulaikha, a chance to enjoy time together every weekend with her husband, Izwan Safuan, and their two children, is something she looks forward to.

“In this cinema, the children have fun playing, while my husband and I have good time watching the movie together. This is like ‘me time’ for us, who have small children,” she said.

The structure of the cinema is not only very organised, but also attractive and creates a lively mood.

The little ones can also have an enjoyable time outside the theatre as various activities and games are provided for them there.

In addition, there is also a reading corner to improve their knowledge.