The mother of Hong Kong pop diva Anita Mui has long argued that the Cantopop singer was not advised properly and did not fully understand the contents of her will.

In the will, Mui, who died in 2003 of cervical cancer at age 40, wrote that her money would go to a trust that would disburse HK$70,000 (RM36,000) monthly to her mother. Mui’s assets were said to be worth HK$100mil (RM52mil) and she also gave two properties to her best friend, fashion designer Eddie Lau.

Recently, her mother, Madam Tam Mei Kam, who had gone to court previously to contest the validity of the will, asked for more money to celebrate her 95th birthday. A judge granted her wish and told the trust to give her HK$250,000 (RM130,000).

According to China Press, she threw a party, with guests filling up the seats at 20 tables. They gave her a golden statue of the Goddess of Mercy and a golden peach, among other items.

Mui’s will stipulates that after her mother dies, the money will go to the New Horizon Buddhist Association. – The Straits Times/Asia News Network