Director Adrian Teh has more stories to tell revolving the Malaysian military after Paskal The Movie.

His next film, scheduled to open end of this year, is described as a hard-hitting action extravagant titled Wira. In a press release from GSC Movies, Wira is said to revolve around a military man who’d rather choose the diplomatic ways than a forceful one.

However, when his family is put in danger, he has no choice but to put his military skills to save them.

While Teh has proven that he can deliver well choreographed action sequences via Paskal The Movie, here he gets Indonesian action choreographer/actor Yayan Ruhian of The Raid fame to be part of Wira.

Actors Hairul Azreen and Henley Hii who starred in Paskal, are also on board for Wira.

The movie will begin its principal photography in April.