Pop singer Ariff Bahran admits that watching a movie is the best activity to rest oneself during leisure time. The 21-year-old also shares that he has less time to treat himself with such fun activities after he became a celebrity.

The artiste fondly known as Bahran started his career at age 16 after he participating in a group singing competition on a reality TV show that showcased the talents of versatile teenagers.

When mStar Online invited Bahran, famous for his hit song Kata Akhirmu, to take a break while watching a movie at GSC 1Utama in Petaling Jaya, he also had a chance to try the various food served by the multiplex cinema operator.

The entertainer had forgotten his intention to spend time at the mamak stall to have his usual tea fix, and together with journalist Qarami Hashim, they took the opportunity to taste a variety of meals available at GSC.

Bahran pointed out that most movie buffs would choose popcorn and sodas as their favourite snacks when they watched a movie. But the performer was surprised when he was treated with an interesting selection that included Burger Gladiator, Chicken Invasion and Burger Sambal-lah.

The burgers were prepared with charcoal buns, considered healthier and tastier than regular bread, with GSC’s fresh vegetables and special sauce. On top of that, there are chicken nuggets, corn in a cup and curry puff on the menu for those who prefer something lighter.

They found the drinks sold at GSC are also popular among Malaysians. Moviegoers can enjoy fruit juices called Froot Joos that come in flavours like Passion, Josephine, The Two Towers, Apple Of My Eye and Enter The Dragon. All juices are a mixture of fresh fruits without additional sugar.

Meanwhile those who want a hot snack can order the potato chips. When asked about his personal preference, Bahran said the GSC menu was truly unique compared to other cinemas and that he loved it.