Have you ever wished you could be part of the action in a movie? Thanks to Golden Screen Cinemas’ first 4DX cinema auditorium in the Klang Valley, you can now feel the force of the action scenes played out before you.

At GSC 1Utama Shopping Centre in Petaling Jaya, you get to enjoy a multi-sensory cinematic experience delivered by 20 signature motion and environmental effects. There’s strong vibration effects synced to the action of the movie with motion-enabled seats in the auditorium.

This is one of the many features that movie buffs will have a chance to experience, thanks to the incorporation of 4D cinematic technology by South Korea’s CJ 4DPlex.

Cinemagoers will have all five senses stimulated in the most immersive experience while watching their favourite movies. It goes beyond the standard sight and sound experience.

As a media representative, I was among a group invited to experience this technology at a special screening of the Transformer movie Bumblebee at GSC, 1Utama. You don’t just rock in your chair, you also feel the spray of water on you.

“After introducing 4DX nearly a year ago at GSC Paradigm Mall in Johor Baru, we’re proud and excited to bring this game-changing cinema offering to moviegoers in the Klang Valley,” said GSC CEO Koh Mei Lee.

“We believe that urban audiences in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor will definitely appreciate what this new technology has to offer, which will deliver on our promise to provide an enriching cinema experience as it reinvents the way our customers experience the magic of the movies, with engaging and immersive effects such as snow, rain, motion and more,” she added.

Koh said 4DX provided an opportunity for directors to showcase their movies in the way they were meant to be felt.

“There are some experiences in 4DX so distinct, they can’t be replicated by a traditional cinema. It changes the movie paradigm for audiences from being a spectator to being a participant, with a role in the heart of all the action,” she said.

According to GSC public relations assistant manager Linda Keng, moviegoers have to pay an RM18 surcharge on top of normal ticket prices to enjoy the 4D effects. GSC is targeting to introduce 4DX at two locations in 2019 – GSC IOI City Mall, Putrajaya and GSC Southkey, Johor Baru.

GSC is also poised to open its first ScreenX cinema this year, a multi-projection theatre that enables a 270° panoramic movie experience.

By utilising a proprietary system to expand the screen to the side walls, audiences can go beyond the traditional frame, with surrounding imagery that gives a sense of being inside the movie.

GSC operates 433 screens in 50 locations across Malaysia and Vietnam, with 344 screens in 36 locations in Malaysia, and 89 screens in 14 locations in Vietnam through a partnership with Galaxy Studio.

For more information, visit gsc.com.my