Oscar-nominated Hailee Steinfeld gives cred to the Transformers franchise in this prequel flick titled Bumblebee. As does director Travis Knight who previously helmed the excellent Kubo And The Two Strings.

Bumblebee focuses on everyone’s second favourite Autobot (Optimus Prime is first, of course).

The year is 1987, 20 years before Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox get mixed up with the Transformers. On the run, Bumblebee remains as a yellow Volkswagen at a junkyard in a small beach town in California.

But his plan to hide forever comes to a halt when he is befriended by Charlie Watson (Steinfeld), who takes ownership of him. The teenager and Bumblebee soon learn that there are other Transformers on Earth, but they are not the friendly kind.

Worse, there is a government agency that’s after the cute yellow fella. Steinfeld, who is also a singer, released a track titled Back To Life recently, which will be featured in the Bumblebee soundtrack.

Bumblebee opens at cinemas nationwide on Dec 20.

An anomaly, a teen driving a non automatic.

These two are having a tough time staying on their feet instead of wheeling out of the situation.

‘Let’s see what show I can binge-watch this weekend.’