It’s September and you know what that means – a fresh batch of TV shows are here. Major broadcast networks in the United States introduce a new line-up of programmes as well as new seasons of existing shows usually around this time of the year. Here are some titles we can’t wait to watch!

The Big Bang Theory Final Season

After 12 seasons, viewers will have to say goodbye to The Big Bang Theory. Be sure to savour every episode as this group of super smart, lovable people entertain us with their hilarious antics one last time. Let’s hope it goes out with a big bang! Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kunal Nayyar star.

The Big Bang Theory Season 12 premieres Sept 25 at 8.10pm on Warner TV (Astro Ch 719/unifi TV Ch 221).


Emma Stone stars in her first lead TV role alongside Jonah Hill in Maniac. A mysterious pharmaceutical company claims they’ve found a way to repair the mind. Stone and Hill play two individuals who sign up for the trial of a new drug, which takes them into a fantasy realm.

Maniac premieres on Netflix on Sept 21.

Magnum P.I.

Fans of the 1980s series Magnum P.I. will be glad to know that the Tom Selleck-starrer will be getting a reboot. This time, private investigator Thomas Magnum will be played by Hostel star Jay Hernandez. It’ll be interesting to see if they can bring anything new to the iconic TV show. For one, Hernandez’s portrayal won’t include Selleck’s iconic moustache. Perdita Weeks, Zachary Knighton and Stephen Hill co-star.

Magnum P.I. premieres Sept 25 at 9.50pm on Fox HD (Astro Ch 724).

A Million Little Things

After getting stuck in an elevator together, a group of strangers strike up a friendship. Years later, one of them suddenly dies, prompting the rest to reevaluate the things that matter most in their lives and their friendship. This show is giving me major This Is Us vibes, only in a friendship setting instead of a family setting. Starring Tristan Byon, David Giuntoli and Lizzy Greene.

A Million Little Things premieres Sept 27 at 10pm on Foxlife (Astro Ch 711).

New Amsterdam

Another series that looks like it’ll have a lot of heart and soul is New Amsterdam. The series follows newly-appointed medical director Dr Max Goodwin’s efforts to breathe new life into one of America’s oldest public hospitals by providing exceptional care to its patients. There’s just one thing: Goodwin has just been diagnosed with cancer. Ryan Eggold, Freema Agyeman and Janet Montgomery star.

New Amsterdam premieres Sept 26 at 10pm on Foxlife (Astro Ch 711).

My Friends From Afar

Aliens from a fictional planet are searching for another livable planet to migrate to. Feng Jiao disguises as a human when she arrives on Earth to suss out if the planet is habitable for her species. She meets Yang Tiang Shen and gets off on the wrong foot at first but the two eventually fall for each. Will Feng Jiao still be able to complete her mission? Starring Carrie Wong, Shaun Chen and Aloysius Pang.

My Friends From Afar is available on dimsum.