Making his big screen debut in Hong Kong crime action thriller L Storm, newbie actor Adam Pak was ecstatic about his action scenes with some of Hong Kong’s top stars.

“When I received the script, I was so happy. I was also a bit nervous, and couldn’t sleep for a few days.

“And, I did feel some pressure. As there were so many seniors, and I had scenes with so many of them, including fight scenes.

“An opportunity like this is really hard to come by, so I was very happy for this challenge, as I got to learn a lot from them,” said the handsome actor in a recent phone interview from Hong Kong.

Produced by Raymond Wong and directed by David Lam, L Storm is the third instalment of the Storm franchise. This time around, the movie deals with money laundering.

It stars stars Louis Koo as ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) investigator William Luk, Julian Cheung as JFIU (Joint Financial Intelligence Unit) officer Lau Po Keung, Kevin Cheng as Inspector Kenny Ching of the Internal Investigation L Team of Hong Kong’s ICAC and Michael Tse, who plays Customs officer Tik Wai Kit.

In the movie, Pak, 36, portrays a bank manager named Thomson Yau, who assists money laundering criminals along with mobster Wong Hoi Wo, played by Patrick Tam.

Adam Pak Hong Kong crime action thriller L Storm

Adam Pak plays bank manager Thomson Yau in L Storm. Photo: Lotus Five Star

Growing up watching Hong Kong kung fu movies, Pak was an active youngster who played a lot of contact sport, put in some martial arts practice and even got into extreme sport a few years ago. So, he felt confident about his ability to tackle action scenes.

But, when filming action movies, accidents often occur so injuries are inevitable.

Pak’s fight scene with Cheng was widely reported in the media during the shoot as his fist accidentally struck Cheng’s nose, despite having rehearsed the scene many times.

“At that time, I was so sorry. But, Kevin was such a professional. After composing himself, he said to me, ‘OK, Adam, we’ll do it one more time. Don’t hold back. We must do our very best.’ And so we successfully wrapped the scene.”

Meanwhile, Pak himself sustained his most serious injury in a fight with scene with Chinese actress Anika Sheng. She was supposed to be kicking him on his shoulder, but her stiletto heel unexpectedly flew off, and struck his temple.

“I probably blacked out for a bit, yet I assumed I was alright and wanted to carry on, and be as macho as the seniors. So, when the cameraman advised me to stop for awhile, I had absolutely no idea why.

“Then, four crew members rushed towards me, and I thought they were going to help me wipe the sweat off my forehead. But, it turned out that they were wiping the blood that was oozing out of my head.

“I was really thankful that they managed to quickly stop the bleeding, as the filming schedule was especially packed that day.”

Shooting all the action scenes in L Storm has made Pak realise that he has so much more to learn to ensure his fighting scenes look convincing.

“I have to get more training and strengthen my foundation before I can even dare to dream of taking up another action role.”


As a movie fan himself, Pak says he watches lots of movies of different genres, and hopes that he will one day get to portray a detective. “I’d like to be genius detective who is especially detailed in investigating crimes,” he said of his dream role.

Responding to comments on his pan-Asian looks, Pak admitted that many people don’t think he’s Chinese.

“Most will mistake me for either Korean or Japanese. So, that’s why not many people speak to me in Cantonese when we meet for the first time,” said Pak who does look a tad like Taiwanese-Japanese actor Takeshi Kaneshiro.

Well, with the impending success of L Storm, Pak’s face will be recognisable enough for fans to know he’s Hong Kong’s new action star.

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