Share your favourite tunes to show what the nation means to you.

Everybody likes a playlist. With National Day around the corner, there is no better way to start the celebrations than to get on Spotify and share the songs that best reflect the hopes of the nation.

Top of the list will be classics like Negaraku, Setia, Inilah Barisan Kita, KeranaMu Malaysia and Tanah Pusaka. Of course, the Malaysian jukebox would not be complete without Sudirman’s Warisan and 31 Ogos, Dr Sam’s Saya Anak Malaysia, as well as Ella’s Gemilang.

These tunes will always be staples in our list of feelgood songs come every August.

But classic does not mean conventional. In fact, some of these tunes have received a contemporary update, such as the Setia and Negaraku mashup on YouTube.

With 61 years of independence behind us, Malaysians are cranking up the beat. With local pop-punk band Bunkface recording this year’s National Day anthem Kita Punya Malaysia, the new generation has adopted their own tunes to describe what the country means to them.

With local pop-punk band Bunkface recording this year’s Merdeka Day anthem Kita Punya Malaysia, the new generation has adopted their own tunes to describe what the country means to them. Filepic

In recent years, spirit-lifting tunes, such as Yuna’s Home and Zee Avi’s Arena Cahaya (from the Ola Bola soundtrack), have united Malaysians from all walks of life through their meaningful lyrics.

The rousing rhythms of Faizal Tahir’s Gemuruh and Malique’s hip hop banger Bangun Harimau Bangun were also stadium singalongs to remember.

These songs, in their own way, continue the legacy of Malaysian favourites like Kau Ilhamku (Man Bai), Lagenda (Sheila Majid), Apo Nak DiKato (Blues Gang) and Hijau (Zainal Abidin).

From ballads to beats, they all have one thing in common: they represent fresh and bold ideas, driven by the passion of young Malaysians.

One thing’s for sure, every Malaysian now has the power to make his or her voice heard. As we reflect on our collective experience of how we reached this milestone in our history, music can help us to capture the resilience, determination and optimism that helped us stay our course.

The late Sudirman, dressed in the Malaysian flag in a concert in 1991, was never short of rousing and meaningful patriotic songs such as 31 Ogos, Warisan and Bapak. Filepic

The message of hope is not only found in the homegrown songbook. Who hasn’t roared along to We Are The Champions or stomped their feet to We Will Rock You, by Queen?

Who hasn’t felt their heartbeat thump in sync with The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army, Lady Gaga’s Born This Way or Beyoncé’s Run The World (Girls)? Be it in the stadium, the gym or in your room, you can practically feel the floor shake beneath your feet with these anthems.

When the lighter-waving melody of Scorpions’ Wind Of Change starts playing, who hasn’t felt a shiver down their spines?

Then again, you can’t go wrong with Let It Go by Idina Menzel, which urges you to be the best you can be. Even better, Nina Simone’s Feeling Good is all about the new dawn, too. How spot on.

So what songs do you think represent the spirit of #LaguMalaysiaKita?

Tell us in the comments section of this article on The Star Online page on Facebook (search for #LaguMalaysiaKita) and Spotify will curate a playlist from your suggestions in celebration of our National Day.

Period of submission ends on Aug 25.

From your nominations, the top 61 songs will be selected and launched on Spotify this Aug 31.

Express your dreams and desires for Malaysia.

Share your diverse musical tastes, from loud to mellow, from funky to profound.

Bump up the beats and let loose the notes.

Be fun. Be imaginative. Be Malaysian.