Singaporean  songstress Stefanie Sun has given birth to her second child just two days after celebrating her birthday. Sun had turned 40 on July 23. Her baby girl was born on July 25 and weighs 2.79kg.

The singer took to her social media accounts (Weibo, Facebook, Instagram) on July 30 to announce the birth of her little princess with a post featuring two pictures – one of herself with her baby and another of a drawing of a family of four, believed to be drawn by her five-year-old son.

The post, in both Chinese and English, reads: “Nadim and I welcome our newest and youngest female family member (yes, the one whose existence was discovered at our busiest!)”

She also wrote: “Baby girl’s current status: checking out a whole new world.”; “Parents’ current status: checking out a whole new girl.”; “Mama’s current status: hungry.”; “Overall summary: mother and baby are fine and in good health.” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

She concluded her post with a note of thanks to all the doctors, nurses and staff for taking care of them.

Sun married her Dutch-Indonesian husband Nadim Van Der Ros in 2011. She gave birth to their first child in October 2012.

The multiple-award-winning singer has 13 studio albums to her name. The latest, No. 13 – A Dancing Van Gogh, is a 10-track album which was released in November 2017.