A football-themed stage musical? Who knew that it would end up being a runaway success.

Director Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina surely had the last laugh when tickets for OlaBola The Musical was sold out during its run at Istana Budaya earlier this year.

Tiara was aware that most people were sceptical about the idea of incorporating a football game as part of a stage musical. But she proved her naysayers wrong thanks to a combination of inspirational anthems, powerful performances with stunning audio and visual technology to create an unforgettable, immersive viewing experience.

As the founder of Enfiniti Vision Media, a production company that dabbles in films and musical theatre, Tiara knew that it was essential to break new ground in terms of providing entertainment.

OlaBola The Musical proved that it was possible to merge technology with traditional forms of performing arts to create a whole new musical experience.

OlaBola The Musical

What is the story behind OlaBola The Musical? How did Tiara Jacquelina get the idea to incorporate technology into musical theatre? Find out at Kre8tif 2018. Photo: The Star/Izzrafiq Alias

Its success also proved that audiences here are willing to embrace something different.

“The world is changing and adapting to different forms of technology. I don’t want performing arts to be late to the bandwagon. I keep challenging my colleagues to think of new ideas. As storytellers, we need new ways to blow the people’s minds,” Tiara said.

Tiara will be sharing her insights on OlaBola The Musical as one of the keynote speakers at Kre8tif! 2018.

The event happening on Aug 5-12 in Cyberjaya is an initiative by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) with the aim to introduce relevant platforms to help develop the local creative content industry.

Other speakers include Hidehiko Kitajima, CEO of ALM Asia which is the animation studio behind the Pokemon animated series; founder and CEO of Base FX Christpher Bramble; BoBoiBoy creator Nizam Razak and more.

These speakers will be presenting at the Kre8tif! Conference which is targeted towards animation developers, visual effects designers, broadcasters and students.

Those looking to attend Tiara’s talk can expect stories about the intensive planning behind OlaBola The Musical and thoughts on how the rest of the creative industry can move forward.

She also will share the struggles she encountered behind the scenes.

“We want to pave the way to inspire more people. We’ve made some mistakes and hope that others can learn from them.”

Kre8tif! 2018 tickets are priced from RM15 to RM750. For more information, check out kre8tif.mdec.my.