Lots of local artistes and fans mourned the passing of Empat Sekawan actress Datuk Lai Meng who succumbed to illness in May at the age of 90.

What many did not know was the veteran actress, whose real name is Lai Kwai Yoon, was working on her last movie project titled Supermum.

A media conference was recently conducted in Kuala Lumpur to launch the project and announce other cast members which include Yu Li Za, Remon Lim, Sarah Tan, Sam Loo, Joey Leong, John Tan, Jaden Ng, Manne Chen and Wei Wei.

The movie starts off with an elderly mother who falls down. Then the rest of the story unfolds as the members of the family come together to offer support. Lai, who plays the titular role, shot her scenes months ago.

Supermum (Ma Ma Hao in Mandarin) is directed by Sarawakian filmmaker Bjarne Wong (The Prodigal Son, Sayang You Can Dance, The Legend Of The Red Curse).

“Being blessed with this opportunity to work with Datuk Lai Meng was an honour for me. Also, the story is a very heart-warming one. I hope Supermum will be a 2019 box office blockbuster in South-East Asia,” said producer Stephen Wong.

Director Bjarne, who is also Lai’s godson, said: “She wanted to make a movie to showcase the bonds of love, warmth of kinship and importance of family ties. We’ve already shot her scenes, and we will be using these footages at the beginning and for the ending (of the film).

“It was her final project, so we will have to do our best to complete it.”

Lai’s younger son Yap Meow Chook shared: “This is a movie that my mother wanted to make. Through the movie, we can cherish my mother’s memories.

“We hope to complete Supermum by November, so that the movie can participate in film festivals. And fans will get to see it in cinemas during Chinese New Year.”

Shooting will be conducted primarily in Cameron Highlands and Kuala Lumpur. Principal photography has commenced and is expected to wrap next month.