Malaysian DJ Cynthia Tan of local Chinese language radio station 988 has won a cash prize from Yahoo TV Taiwan for one of her K-pop covers. “I submitted my entry last month, after I saw other bloggers doing the same thing,” said Tan, 27, who hails from Penang.

Tan’s video is a simple one showing her strumming a ukulele and singing a medley of BTS hit songs: I Need U, Dope, Boy In Luv, Not Today and Spring Day.

She was notified last week that the entry she submitted was selected and the cash prize would be wired to her. The campaign was conducted from May 21 to June 29.  Selected entries win a cash prize of NTD1,000 (RM132.50).

DJ Cynthia currently hosts 988 Kpop Chart, which airs on Saturday (2pm-3pm), with repeats on Sunday (9pm-10pm). 988 is part of Star Media Radio Group. For more information, visit the 988 website or Facebook page.

防彈少年團粉絲請尖叫 烏克麗麗溫柔版組曲cover登場

【#YahooTV夢想超展開投稿入選: Cynthia 馨蕊】用烏克麗麗演奏,聽起來瞬間變溫柔好多啊❤️#影片介紹 ▶▶烏克麗麗彈奏防彈少年團組曲!#防彈少年團#烏克麗麗#我在YahooTV夢想超展開追蹤 Yahoo TV 一起看 觀看更多爆紅影片

Posted by Yahoo TV 一起看 on Friday, 6 July 2018