For those who haven’t yet seen it, Pettikulle Enna on Astro Vinmeen is a show that focuses on family entertainment and comedy.

But the most thrilling thing about it is that you’ll get to see participants engaging in some bizarre activities – from interacting with exotic animals to eating random food items.

Season Two, which kicked off in May, promises to regale audiences with even more thrilling games and comedy, with the effervescent host Sree Sonic at the helm.

For this interview, the Pettikulle Enna host was more than affable, with his stylish handlebar moustache, happy to share his experiences on the shows Pettikulle Enna and Eneke Vaa.

“We knew the show was going to be a hit with audiences,” Sree said. “Most of the time, I am spontaneous in my comedy, and people like that.”

In Season Two, Sree Sonic said the show producers have upped the ante when it comes to thrills and excitement.

He shared: “We had people with phobias who overcame their fears after coming on the show. That is the magic of the show. And it’s great that it is suitable viewing for all ages.”

Sree Sonic promises excitement on both the variety shows he’s hosting. Photo: Filepic

Before his career on the small screen, Sree was a professional photographer.

“When I was 18 , I developed an interest in photography and I started learning about composition, and picked up others skills that I needed in the photography world.

“But, at one point of time, I decided to make a career switch. From photographer, I jumped into television. At first it was hard and I had go back to zero … but, it was worth it,” said 39-year-old.

Pettikulle Enna was the show that eventually gave me fame,” he added.

The show has given him so many cherished memories.

“There was one time, a fan sent me video footage of his child, who has autism. This quiet child started responding to me while I was speaking on the show, it was miraculous watching him.

“Watching that gave me goosebumps and it was definitely a joyful moment for me.

“At that time, my editor was jaded and tired with his job, but after he saw that video, he too was inspired, and it gave him a renewed spirit,” shared Sree.

Besides Pettikulle Enna, Sree also helms Eneka Vaa, a Candid Camera kind of show.

“In the past we focused more on Malaysian celebrities,” Sree said. “So, for Season Two we decided to be even more hilarious … pushing the envelope further,” said Sree.

Last year, both of Sree’s shows won Edison Awards – a grand annual award given to those involved in the Tamil Film industry.

Pettikulle Enna won for Best Comedy meanwhile Eneke Vaa took the Best Prank Show award.

“I am eager to now compete in the Malay industry as well,” Sree said.

Eneka Vaa airs every Sunday at 9pm while Pettikulle Enna comes on at 9.30pm. Both shows are on Astro Vinmeen HD (Ch 231).