In a rare show of courtesy for the media, Nichkhun apologised for being late to the press conference for his latest movie Brother Of The Year. His reason?

“The electricity went out in my room,” he said sheepishly during the event held at a hotel in Putrajaya on Tuesday (July3). His response of course, prompted laughter from the press.

Nichkhun, 30, was in town with Brother Of The Year co-stars Sunny Suwanmethanont and Urassaya Sperbund as well as director Witthaya Thongyooyong. Unlike Suwanmethanont and Sperbund who shared that this event marked their first time in Malaysia, Nichkhun has been here before. Back in 2011, Nichkhun, who is a member of Korean pop group 2PM, performed a concert at Stadium Negara in Kuala Lumpur.

“This visit is special because it’s the first time that I’m here to talk about a film project,” he stated.

In Brother Of The Year, Nichkhun takes on the role of Moji, a Japanese-Thai marketing manager who meets and fall in love with Jane (Sperbund). Standing in their way of happiness is Jane’s older brother Chut (Sunny) who doesn’t approve of the relationship.

“I like to think that I’m very much like my character in Brother Of The Year,” said Nichkhun. “I’m a perfectionist who like things to be organised and neat.”

Brother Of The Year

Brother Of The Year director Witthaya Thongyooyong (from left), Nichkhun, Urassaya Sperbund and Sunny Suwanmethanont were in town for a promotional tour. Photo: The Star/Norafifi Ehsan

Born in California to Thai parents, Nichkhun is signed to South Korean entertainment company JYP group. He made his Korean pop idol debut with 2PM back in 2008. The six-man group became popular with songs like Again & Again, My House and Hands Up. After releasing its sixth Korean studio album Gentleman’s Game in 2016, 2PM went into hiatus mode to allow most of its members to observe the mandatory two-year military service.

While 2PM is on a break, Nichkhun decided to focus on his acting career. Brother Of The Year is his first Thai production since romantic anthology film Seven Something in 2012. The affable actor-singer who speaks Korean, Japanese and English fluently admitted that having to speak Thai again for a role was a challenge.

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“I have to say the hardest aspect for me was remembering my lines in Thai. I’ve been based overseas for a long time so I have to admit that my Thai is a bit rusty. I spent a lot of time reading my lines because I don’t want to end up saying anything weird,” he shared.

Nichkhun is obviously game for any challenge. He praised Suwanmethanont – who is a Thai acting superstar known for blockbusters like I Fine… Thank You Love You and The Gift – for keeping him on his toes while on set.

“You have to pay attention to Sunny because he gives a different reaction for every take.”

He also gave a glowing review for award-winning actress Sperbund: “She had to learn to speak some Japanese for her role and she just got it right.”

Nichkhun shared that he doesn’t have a lot of acting experiences and is thankful for an opportunity like Brother Of The Year. It is here that he learned that there is more to acting that just saying lines.

“We get to exchange various feelings and emotions. That really changed the way I deliver my lines. I will definitely take this lesson into my next acting project.”

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