This June, dimsum brings in a dazzling array of treats from Chinese channel SMG, Korean channel Oh!K, Thai channel GMM Grammy, and children’s edutainment channel Miao Mi along with a host of popular drama series from Hong Kong.


Siege In Fog
Rich playboy Yi Liankai (Elvis Han Dongjun) falls in love with the beautiful Qin Sang (Sun Yi). Despite resenting him, she is persuaded to marry him in order to help her father recover his position. Just as she starts to have feelings for her husband, her ex-lover (Jeremy Jones Xu) returns with a secret identity and becomes her husband’s assistant.

Super Boys Season Two (Simulcast every Sunday 8pm)
Hosted by TFBoys Karry Wang Junkai, Zhang Yishan, Darren Wang, Yang Zi and Dong Zijian, the show returns with a new theme, “12 Growth Lessons”, aiming to nurture teenagers to be all-rounders using harmonious ways to develop positive moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic attributes.

Go Fighting Season Four (Simulcast every Monday 5pm)
The new season of this popular reality-variety show reunites its regular members, Sun Honglei, Huang Bo, Huang Lei and Show Lo. A series of new challenges will take them on a journey around the country to complete missions at different landmarks.

Mainland Chinese reality variety show Go Fighting.

Reality variety show Go Fighting returns with a fourth season.


Hospital Ship
This medical drama tells of young doctors who provide medical services to rural villagers via a hospital ship that sails around remote islands. Song Eun-jae (Ha Ji-won) is a talented surgeon who joins the team after an unexpected incident stalls her fast-track career. Kwak Hyun (Kang Min-hyuk) volunteers as an army doctor to avoid living under his father’s shadow. Through treating patients together on board, they bounce back from personal setbacks and learn how to be compassionate physicians.

South Korean drama Hospital Ship

Hospital Ship is a Korean medical drama about young doctors providing health care to rural villagers in remote islands.

Children Of The 20th Century
This romantic comedy follows three women in their mid-30s as they navigate their love lives, friendships, and family ties. Sa Jin-jin (Han Ye-seul) is a top actress who has never dated a guy. Han Ah-reum (Ryu Hyun-kyung) is a flight attendant who is constantly dieting and pursuing guys. Jang Young-shim (Lee Sang-hee) is a lawyer who finds herself working long hours. When their childhood friend Gong Ji-won (Kim Ji-suk) returns to Korea, they try to rekindle the simple and innocent lives they once led.

Three Colors Of Fantasies
A trilogy consisting of television series that correspond with a different colour: The Universe’s Star (white), Romance Full Of Life (green) and Queen Of The Ring (gold). The Universe’s Star is a love story about a grim reaper (Ji Woo) who falls in love with a pop star (EXO Suho). Romance Full Of Life shows a cheery girl (Cho Soo-hyang) who dreams of becoming a world-famous pianist and a dorky guy (Yoon Shi-yoon) who strives to become a police officer. Queen Of The Ring is about a girl (Kim Seul-gi) who has a magical ring which makes her dream guy (Ahn Hyo-seop) see her as his ideal type.

South Korean drama Three Colors of Fantasies: Queen Of The Ring

South Korean drama Three Colors of Fantasies: Queen Of The Ring.


Club Friday Celeb’s Stories – Comeback
Nineties superstar Nij Nirun is disliked by many for his bad habits and playboy character. When he gets involved in an accident while drunk, he loses everything, including fame, friends and money. He tries to make a comeback, but is always held back by Wan, a young actor he once rejected.

Love Books Love Series – Secret & Summer
On her way home, Summer causes a small accident and a guy named Secret blames her for it. While trying to make amends, she gets into trouble and unexpectedly, Secret appears to save her in the nick of time.

Love Songs Love Series 3 – Request
As high school friends, Sky always helps Zee when she gets teased by other boys. Therefore, Zee treats Sky as her best friend. But one day, she asks Sky to be her boyfriend for seven days. After a week, Zee discovers that she wants the relationship to be permanent. But does Sky feel the same?

I Hate You, I Love You
This suspenseful drama is about five youths – Nana, Tiger, Sol, Jo, Ai – whose lives get intertwined by a twist of fate and jealousy. Rich girl Nana suspects her boyfriend Tiger is cheating on her with her close friend Sol, who is actually being courted by Ai. How does Jo factor into all this?


Officer Geomancer
Police Constable Sit Dan Yan (Johnson Lee) is an expert in geomancy, which he uses to solve mysterious cases. His superior Che Gwai Fei (Joey Meng) is a criminal psychologist who uses scientific rationale to analyse everything. Though they appear to be of polar opposites, the two manage to develop an unspoken mutual understanding.

Hong Kong drama Officer Geomancer stars Johnson Lee and Joey Meng

Hong Kong drama Officer Geomancer stars Johnson Lee and Joey Meng.

Madam Cutie On Duty
Materialistic cop Apple Fa Ping (Priscilla Wong) was born rich but suffered an unhappy childhood as her plain looks led her schoolmates to make fun of her. When an accident led her to undergo cosmetic surgery, she takes the opportunity to make her appearance more attractive. During an undercover assignment, she is partnered with her former high school classmate Law Dai Shu (Edwin Siu) whom she used to have a crush on.

My ‘Spiritual’ Ex Lover
Scholar Ning Choi San (Edwin Siu) is on his way to take the government official exam, along with his second older brother Ning Choi Kwan (Oscar Leung) who is with him to take the army general exam. While taking shelter at an abandoned shrine, they encounter the resident ghost Nip Siu Sin (Nancy Sit), who is being hunted by Taoist priest Yin Chek Ha (Angela Tong).

Eating Well With Madam Wong
Host Gigi Wong teams up with Hong Kong celebrity chefs to explore every corner of Hong Kong and the Cantonese-speaking province of Guangdong in China to seek out homegrown delicacies. She gets to showcase her impromptu culinary skills by using the freshest ingredients to dish out gourmet cuisine.

Hong Kong celebrity Wong hosts Eating Well With Madam Wong

Hong Kong celebrity Gigi Wong hosts Eating Well With Madam Wong.


This Korean animated series developed for early childhood education targets toddlers and preschoolers (ages 1-7). Eight animal characters are used to represent different children’s dispositions: lion, monkey, hippo, alligator, bat, buffalo, elephant and koala. Dialogue and background imagery are reduced to empower children to reach their own conclusions and discover their own potential.

Miao Mi Classroom
The show encourages children to learn basic Chinese words and introduces Mandarin to them in a fun and interactive manner.

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