Malaysian Mandopop singer Victor Wong made his countrymen proud when he won two awards at the 22nd China Music Awards (CMA) which was held in Macau on April 15. 

Wong, 46, was the only Malaysian to be honoured in this year’s awards, which was a star-studded affair graced by celebrities like China’s Li Ronghao, Bibi Zhou and Allen Su; Hong Kong’s Hacken Lee and Joey Yung; Taiwan’s Jimmy Lin, Wilber Pan and Lala Hsu; and Singapore’s JJ Lin and Tanya Chua.

The Taiwan-based KL-born singer-songwriter, better known as Pin Kuan, took home the 2018 CMA Most Popular Male Singer (Hong Kong/Taiwan) award while his album Implication nabbed the 2018 CMA Media’s Choice Album award.

The album, which is Wong’s 11th, included collaborations with various musicians including Singapore’s Xiaohan, Hong Kong’s Kevin Yi, and Taiwan’s Salsa Chen, Daryl Yao, David K. and William Wei.

The China Music Awards is a Chinese language music awards founded by Channel V in 1994.

List Of 2018 CMA Winners

Channel V Media’s Choice Song: Xia Tian Yi Hou (After Summer) –  Bi Xia (China)
Channel V Best Live Performance: Da Yu (Big Fish) – Zhou Shen (China) and Doris Guo (China)
Channel V Media’s Choice Singer (Hong Kong/Taiwan/China): Vincy Chan (Hong Kong) and Gigi Liu (China)
Channel V Major Breakthrough Singer: Jonathan Wong (Hong Kong)
Channel V Media’s Choice Singer-Songwriter: Momo Wu (China)
Channel V Song Of The Year: Dao Ci Wei Zhi (From Now On) – Lala Hsu (Taiwan)  
CMA Media’s Choice Album: Yan Wai Zhi Yi (Implication) – Victor Wong (Taiwan/Malaysia)
CMA Most Popular Female Singer (Hong Kong/Taiwan/China): Rainie Yang (Taiwan) and Momo Wu (China)
CMA Most Popular Male Singer (Hong Kong/Taiwan/China): Victor Wong (Taiwan/Malaysia) and Allen Su (China)
CMA Song Of The Year: Qing Chun Zhu Le Shei (Youth Lies Within) – Rainie Yang (Taiwan)
CMA Most Popular Singer-Songwriter: Lala Hsu (Taiwan)
Top Karaoke Song Of The Year: Zai Wo Yan Zhong Kai Chu Mei Gui (The Roses In My Eyes) – Jimmy Lin (Taiwan)