John Legend might be a Grammy winner and make music that makes us swoon but it is his wife model Chrissy Teigen who makes headlines. She is known for honest, no-filter comments on social media. It’s earned her 10 million Twitter followers and more than 16 million Instagram followers, and a lot of what she posts online ends up as a headline.

Recent examples of her clickbait include how she knows the identity of a mysterious person who allegedly bit Beyonce at a party in December; that she’s stopped using Snapchat; and enjoys eating bacon.

“If I had to read this many dumb things about me all day, every day, I would hate myself so I understand the oversaturation,” she said recently.

When did you realise that what you say on social media gets scrutinised?

Honestly when I first got my first major brand endorsement that was the first time where I couldn’t say something that I thought was funny because there could be brand backlash.

Or when I couldn’t go to award shows anymore because I always prided myself on being an outsider so I got to comment on performances just like a regular fan.

When I couldn’t do that (anymore) I knew that it was over for me. I can’t remember who was performing but someone clearly wasn’t singing live and I said it and, wow.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are expecting their second child. Photo: AFP

There are people who really appreciate your honesty because they can relate to it.

I hope so. I really don’t have the intention of things becoming a moment or a quote or a thing. Sometimes the things we do are not some grand statement about something bigger.

You recently tweeted that you wouldn’t be watching the Roseanne reboot. Why?

It’s a show that I grew up on. My dad still reminds me so much of John Goodman. I related to that family so much more than any family on television. I remember the way Roseanne would speak to D.J. about having a friend of a different race. (Teigen is of Norwegian-Thai parentage).

I really think there’s room for shows with different viewpoints than me. It is hard for me to support somebody personally that has such wildly different – they’re not even different views. It just comes down to a humanity standpoint. … But it’s hard.

(In the TV series, Roseanne is a Trump supporter. Teigen has openly criticised Trump. In turn, the president has blocked her on his Twitter account.)

I love reality TV but if you want to dig into it, these shows probably aren’t the greatest to watch. – AP