Korean-American actor Will Yun Lee is making headway on the small screen, starring in three TV shows around the same time.

Back in 2016, the actor responded to CNN when asked about the whitewashing of Asian roles in Hollywood: “It’s definitely frustrating. It’s business mechanics that I can never fully comprehend … The big joke that we have among Asian-American actors is almost every TV show has a Chinatown episode, so we’re all waiting for that Chinatown episode to get a job.” But he added: “I feel like the needle is slowly moving.”

Indeed, things are looking up for the 46-year-old. Currently, viewers can see Lee in the dystopian sci-fi Altered Carbon, which has generated a lot of buzz.

In 2016, he starred in supernatural drama Falling Water which is now in its second season. He is also guest starring on one of the top new TV shows of 2017, The Good Doctor.

Speaking to UPI about Falling Water, which centres on three strangers with the ability to manipulate their realities through dreams, he shared: “This is a great show that you can literally interchange everyone’s names and it doesn’t matter what race you are and that, to me, that’s the biggest turn in terms of diversity.”

Lee will star in superhero thriller series Adi Shankar’s Gods And Secrets next.

‘Altered Carbon’ and ‘Falling Water’ Season 1 are available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video respectively. ‘The Good Doctor’ airs every Friday at 10pm on Fox Life (Astro Ch 711).