Take a breather from the hustle and bustle of Chinese New Year. Sit back, relax and enjoy a variety of offerings from dimsum, from romantic reality dating shows to intriguing forensic dramas.

Medical Examiner, Dr Qin

Qin Ming is such a hot-headed medical examiner that none of his assistants can stand him and have called it quits. When he is given a new assistant Li Da Bao, he thinks it’s only a matter of time before she quits too. But with her strong observational skills, Li proves she has a knack for the job. And with the help of a police detective Lin Tao, the trio work together to solve the most bizarre crime cases in this fascinating forensic drama. Starring Zhang Ruo Yun and Jiao Jun Yan.

A Date With Mei Feng

A Date With Mei Feng

A Date With Mei Feng (CNY edition)

In this special Chinese New Year edition, Taiwanese beauty expert Mei Feng will share her favourite festive recipes as well as tips to looking fabulous for the holidays.

Perhaps Love Season Four

In Perhaps Love, a group of celebrities see if they have a shot at romance with each other through a series of activities and games. Taiwanese actress Christy Chung and Chinese actor Zhang Lun Shuo as well as Legend Of The Ancient Sword 2 stars Fu Xin Bo and Ying Er tied the knot after the show! For its fourth season, besides featuring a pair match-made by producers Henry Lau and Chen Du Ling, tender moments between real-life husband and wife couple Li Mao and Xian Zi are captured.

The Burning Youth Tour

Thinking of going to Taiwan for a holiday? Tune in to this travel show and uncover the beautiful sights and sounds Taiwan has to offer. The show encompasses North, Central, South and East Taiwan so you’ll know what to do no matter where you find yourself. It also includes offshore islands Kinmen and Penghu.

The Amazing Magicians

Put a little magic in your life with this Chinese reality magic series. Various magicians from around the globe including China, Japan, Germany, the United States and a mystery team will perform in front of three celebrity judges actress comprising Fan Bing Bing, magician Juliana Chen and psychology professor and TV personality Wei Kun Lin. See which magician can wow the judges and win the top prize.

Tonight’s Live Show

For a good laugh, check out this Chinese comedy-variety show hosted by Ma Li and Zhang Shao Gang. With the help of popular guest artistes, Tonight’s Live Show is set to tickle your funny bone with its various comedy sketches and stand-up performances.