Don’t blink because there’s so much happening in TV land this month. Grace & Frankie is back for a fourth season! Scandal is wrapping up for good. And Harith Iskander has a stand-up special on Netflix. Here are some TV shows airing in Malaysia this January you won’t want to miss.

American Crime Story: The Assassination Of Gianni Versace

The first season of anthology series American Crime Story, which delved into the infamous murder trial of O.J. Simpson, won the Golden Globes for Best Miniseries or Television Film and nine Emmys.

Expectations are high as it enters its sophomore season. This time, the nine-episode series will explore the murder of renowned fashion designer Gianni Versace (Edgar Ramirez) through the lense of his loved ones and serial killer Andrew Cunanan (Darren Criss). Ricky Martin also stars.

Starting Jan 18, American Crime Story: The Assassination Of Gianni Versace airs Thursday at 11pm on FX HD (Ch 726).

Grace & Frankie Season Four

Besides the fact that we can’t get enough of this unlikely yet lovable pair Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin), the introduction of Friends alum Lisa Kudrow to the cast is another reason to tune in to the show. Kudrow will play Grace’s manicurist and friend Sheree but from the looks of the trailer, Frankie isn’t feeling her vibe.

Grace & Frankie Season Four is coming to Netflix on Jan 19.

I Told You So

After winning Laugh Factory’s Funniest Person In The World contest in 2016, Harith Iskander is leveling up yet again by teaming up with global subscription service Netflix to produce his own stand-up special, I Told You So.

It’ll be nice to see more content on Neflix that Malaysians can relate to. (Malaysian comedian Kavin Jay will also be featured on stand-up special Everybody Calm Down! on Feb 2).

I Told You So is coming to Netflix on Jan 19.

Scandal Season Seven

After the mid-season finale cliffhanger, we’re all dying to know if Quinn is really dead. On top of that, it’s going to be a heart-pounding ride from now on as there are only 11 episodes left before the well-loved Shonda Rimes series bows out for good.

Starting Jan 19, Scandal Season Seven airs every Friday at 9pm on Fox Life (Ch 711).


Helmed by critically-acclaimed director Steven Soderbergh, the six-episode series looks like it’ll be an intriguing watch. Set in a mountain resort town, the show revolves around the murder of children’s book author Olivia Lake (Sharon Stone).

Charming con man Eric Neill (Frederick Weller) was imprisoned for her murder four years ago. But as Eric’s sister Petra (Jennifer Ferrin) tries to learn the truth about what happened that fateful day, nothing is as it seems.

Starting Jan 23, Mosaic airs every consecutive day at 9am (primetime encore 8pm) on HBO (Astro Ch 411). Final two episodes air back-to-back on Jan 27 at 9am.

Tribes And Empires: Storm Of Prophecy

Are you a fan of Game Of Thrones? Dubbed the Chinese Game Of Thrones, Tribes And Empires: Storm Of Prophecy might just be the thing for you. Set in the fictional Novoland, a half-man, half-spirit prince (Huang Xuan) of the Duan Dynasty who abandoned his place at the palace returns to fight off the forces who threaten to overthrow the dynasty.

Made with a whopping RM193mil budget, the 75-episode series is one of the most expensive Chinese dramas produced to date. Based on the novel of the same name, it took around 50,000 actors, 1,000 crew members and over two years of filming to bring to life.

New episodes of Tribes And Empires: Storm Of Prophecy premieres Tuesdays to Saturdays at 8pm on dimsum.