Don’t even try to come for Sandra Bullock and the women of Ocean’s 8. The all-female spin-off of the popular Ocean’s trilogy saw heavy backlash from people who doubted the film’s ability to live up to its predecessors when it was first announced, and the naysayers were noticed by Bullock.

“We got some but boy, I mean, I’ll tell you, we’ve got some feisty women that will fight right back,” Bullock told Entertainment Weekly when asked if she heard any of the negative comments. “It’s like, let’s just take a breath and let’s just see if we come up with something fun. There should be a moratorium. There should be a rule, you’re not allowed to say anything nasty until after it comes out. Obviously that’s never going to happen.”

Ocean's 8

The official poster for Ocean’s 8. Photo: Filepic

Bullock cited the treatment by the internet of the all-female cast of the 2016 reboot of Ghostbusters as an example of the attacks actresses sometimes face. “They did put them through hell,” she said.

Ocean’s 8 stars Bullock as Debbie Ocean, sister of Danny (George Clooney in Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13), who, like her brother, recruits a team of highly specialised thieves to pull off a major heist – this time at the Met Gala.

Bullock co-stars in the film with an entourage of other powerhouse stars like Sarah Paulson, Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, Anne Hathaway and Cate Blanchett. The Oscar winner teased that if the film is successful and well received, an Ocean’s trilogy of her own may be in the future.

“Let’s see if we can take the original and then make our own version, sort of pay homage to the Ocean series,” she said. “If something strikes a chord, an Ocean’s 9 would be ideal.” Ocean’s 8 is scheduled for release in June next year. – New York Daily News/Tribune News Service