South Korean actor Yang Se-jong is heating things up in the current hit K-drama Temperature Of Love. In the show, Yang plays French chef On Jung-seon who owns a Michelin-starred restaurant called Good Soup.

“I started to take lessons before I started shooting. And even now I’m still taking lessons,” Yang shares about preparing for the role in an interview transcript provided by One HD. “Usually I don’t cook that often but I do like to make food. My best dish is medium rare steak and tuna kimchi stew.”

Good Soup also happens to be On’s online username at a forum where he meets aspiring writer Lee Hyun-soo, played by Seo Hyun-jin. This marks Yang’s second time working with Seo after last year’s Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim.

“I am very happy and honoured to work with her again. She is a wonderful actor who has a mysterious ability to draw people to her … I like every scene I filmed with her. When I act with her, I really get immersed in the scene,” Yang says.

Asked to name a dish that best describes his personality, Yang responds: “For this question, I asked my friend about what food could express me best. He told me that tomato spaghetti comes to mind. He says that my passion is similar to (the dish’s) colour, red.”

Temperature Of Love airs every Tuesday and Wednesday at 6.55pm on One HD (Astro Ch 393).