The much-talked about celebrity couple Fattah Amin and Fazura are now legally husband and wife! The couple got married in a private ceremony at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur at 9.50pm on Nov 27.

A press release sent to members of the media from Universal Music – Fazura’s recording label – confirmed the pair’s nuptials.

Just last week, on Nov 24, Fazura and Fattah held a press conference to announce that they had been engaged since Nov 13. The 27-year-old actor clarified that the engagement was held privately to respect the wishes and privacy of his family.

Fattah and Fazura, 34, starred in the drama series Hero Seorang Cinderella early this year. Fans loved their on-screen chemistry so much that they started the hashtag #FattZura on social media. It seemed that life imitated art when the two fell in love off-screen.

Congratulations to the happy couple!