Actress Jamie Chung is hoping to have more luck on her side for her new TV project.

Chung, who is a series regular on The Gifted, shared with Haute Living: “I’ve never been on a show for more than 13 episodes, so I consider myself to be in a bit of bad luck. I really hope this show changes that luck around for me. Because you never know.” In the past, Chung has limited screen time on Once Upon A Time and Gotham.

In The Gifted, which takes place in the X-Men universe, a lawyer who has devoted his life to prosecuting mutants suddenly discovers his two kids are mutants, forcing the family to be on the run. The 10-episode series chronicles their struggle to survive.

“They’re outcasts, they’re teased, they’re beaten up. They’re living in a time where it’s not cool to be a mutant. People are terrified of you; they think you’re a freak,” says Chung, 34.

The Korean-American actress plays Blink, a mutant with teleportation abilities, which will definitely come in handy in real-life for the travel junkie.

“The greatest luxury is the freedom to travel. The best advice that I’ve ever been given was travel as much as you can …. My next trip will probably be to Peru, Machu Picchu.”

The Gifted airs every Tuesday at 9.05pm on Fox (Astro Ch 724).