Boy named girl as his celebrity crush in a media interview. Girl reached out to him via Twitter. Friendship was forged. A radio station stepped in to help the boy and girl meet for the first time.

Meet Sufian Suhaimi and Elfira Loy, the aforementioned couple, whose romance is simply contemporary.

On Oct 6, the couple took the next step in their whirlwind romance by announcing their engagement. The batik-themed event took place at Elfira’s home in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

The actress said she is glad that her engagement ceremony – which took a month to plan – went smoothly.

“I wasn’t feeling nervous about the ceremony. But I was more nervous about meeting Sufian’s extended family from Johor for the very first time. I was feeling shy because I want to make a good impression,” the actress said.

Sufian – who is a 25-year-old singer with two popular hit singles Terakhir and Harus Aku – only wanted to see the look of happiness on his fiancee.

He shared: “When she’s happy, then I’m happy. That is what matters most to me.”

They plan to hold the wedding ceremony in March 2018.

“It’s a significant month to us. March is my birthday month. It also marks the first year of the time our friendship blossomed into something more,” Elfira shared.

Elfira Loy

Elfira Loy is a 23-year-old actress who has starred in TV shows like Qalesya and Disney Channel Asia original series Waktu Rehat. Photo: The Star/Muhamad Shahril Rosli

Made For Each Other

Is eight months enough time to get to know someone before making a major life decision like marriage? Elfira believes that everything will be OK as long as she has her parents’ blessing.

“The relationship can go further. His parents are happy for us too. What’s important is we know each other’s strengths as well as accepting each other’s flaws. Though we’ve only known each other for a short time, we are ready (to take this next step),” she said.

It may be a cliche, but sweet, when the soft-spoken Sufian – who was formerly an English teacher based in Johor Bahru – said that Elfira makes him feel complete.

“She’s always challenging me to do the things I feel that I can’t do. I’ve always heard that if you can look at someone and feel calm and happy, then maybe that person is the one you’ve been looking for all this while. And that is how I feel when I’m with her,” he shared.

Sufian Suhaimi

Sufian Suhaimi was an English teacher who became a singer in 2016. Photo: The Star/Yap Chee Hong

Elfira On Overcoming Doubts

Elfira, who has starred in popular TV dramas like Qalesya and Disney Channel original series Waktu Rehat, admitted that not everything was rosy in their relationship at first.

In the early stages, Elfira said she was wrongly accused of being the reason Sufian broke up with his previous girlfriend.

Then in June, Sufian was accused of hitting on a married woman through live streaming application Bigo Live.

His accuser shared the story on Twitter and revealed chat logs with Sufian’s photos.

Sufian quickly denied the allegations and lodged a police report, citing that someone was impersonating him on Bigo Live.

“The whole Bigo controversy happened while we were both in the midst of planning for our merisik (inquiring) ceremony.

“It got out of control and I was worried that (Elfira) would believe the story,” Sufian explained.

Elfira said when the Bigo issue emerged, Sufian called to explain the truth.

“When everyone was talking about the issue, I choose not to get worked up over it. The scandal was definitely something that tested our relationship,” she said.

The bubbly actress was able to see the positive side to the scandal. She said perhaps, they needed for it to happen as a way of strengthening their bond.

“Like I said, if we can accept the good and bad about each other, then it means we’re always working towards taking care of our relationship,” she added.

Acting together with Sufian Suhaimi?

Will Sufian pen a new song and perform it for his soon-to-be wife on their wedding day?

“Maybe …” was all that he offered. Sufian, who has a new single out called Terasa Ada, said he will focus on his singing career after the wedding.

He is aware that marrying at a young age means working harder towards a more secured future.

“Being engaged and then getting married does not mean it’s the finishing line for us to stop working on what we’ve started …” Sufian said.

While Sufian was quick to rule out acting as a possible career path, Elfira revealed that director Michael Ang of Suri Hati Mr Pilot fame has offered both of them a chance to do something together.

“I think he can act. We had to turn down the Michael Ang offer. I thought maybe not now. Let’s see how it goes when we’re married.”