White Night
YG Entertainment

ON his third solo studio album, BIGBANG’s resident balladeer Taeyang is out to break hearts again.

The record kicks off with the stirring White Night, though it’s a shame that it only serves as an intro that lasts a mere 86 seconds.

With an informed trance production, the potential on this one is sadly explored in a rather limited manner. But of course, the intro is a good tease to Wake Me Up. The atmospheric element here brilliantly juxtaposes against the strong EDM beats in the song.

Meanwhile, Darling follows in the vein of the smashing Eyes, Nose, Lips. Unlike that iconic 2014 song though, the R&B stylings here lack the satisfying melodic swerves that are usually associated with the 29-year-old’s slower numbers.

The following Ride is an impassioned after-hours early mid tempo track. It’s an Usher-esque transition to more mature waters on the record, featuring smooth early 90s rhythms and a go-weak-in-the-knees falsetto.

Amazin’ is another flirtatious track, albeit with more bombast. It’s a feel-good song with plenty of swagger.

Elsewhere, Empty Road is a soft rock number along the acoustic lines of Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself that really showcases Taeyang’s impressive vocals.

It’s a trait that takes a backseat on the sensual Naked, where the man lets his voice course through clean synths. In other words, it’s also the weakest number on this eight-track collection.

The right balance of vocals and production happens on the final track Tonight. Featuring rap verses from Block B’s Zico, the percussion-heavy song takes some interesting artistic liberties that closes the album on a high note.