Red VelvetRed Velvet The Red Summer review
The Red Summer
SM Entertainment

Dubbed the “summer mini album”, Red Velvet’s latest extended play certainly lives up to that reputation. The Red Summer is a sizzling affair that highlights the girl group’s more vivid and upbeat side.

Red Flavor kicks things off with an in-your-face summer jam. The songs wastes no time extolling its made-to-party quality by opening with its stomping chorus.

It’s relentlessly catchy, but not in an annoying way like the group’s previous title track Rookie.

That public-friendly appeal continues sonically on You Better Know which sees the group venturing even more into EDM territory. It is also highlights Red Velvet’s dual concept of sweet and sassy perfectly, blending a ballad-y pre-chorus with a soaring electrified hook, and creating an exciting synergy for the K-pop outfit.

Elsewhere, tracks like Zoo and Mojito extend the feel-good dance floor vibe of the record.

Granted, The Red Summer is not as experimental as some of the group’s past releases. But if the music here indicates anything, it’s that the girls of Red Velvet are poised to be K-pop’s new queens of summer.