Businesswoman Datuk Seri Vida could be conquering the big screen next. Director Ghaz Abu Bakar revealed that he and Vida have talked about making a movie together.

Vida is a fan of Ghaz’s Polis Evo and has approached the director with plans to make an action comedy.

“We have talked about making this movie together for some time. Due to scheduling conflicts, we have to put that on hold,” he said in phone interview with Star2.

However, fans can get a taste of a Ghaz-Vida collaboration through the businesswoman’s upcoming I Am Me music video due for release on Sept 29.

Ghaz, 42, shared that Vida had a vision for a video that reflects the song’s over-the-top lyrics and her much-talked about extravagant lifestyle. The music video was shot in two days.

“The best thing about Vida is that she knows what she wants. She has done her research. She likes the way Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry videos look.

“I explained that for her video to achieve that look, we are going to need a lot of expensive equipment and lighting. She had no problems helping us getting all of that,” the director said. Rumour has it that the music video had cost up to RM1mil and Ghaz said it could be due to Vida showcasing various luxury items from her personal collection.

A sneak peek from the shoot has gone viral showing Vida in a bathroom covered with jewellery and cash. Netizens have been critical about the image, accusing Vida of showing off her wealth.

I Am Me

Ghaz Abu Bakar posted a shot from the music video production of Datuk Seri Vida’s I Am Me on social media. Photo: Ghaz Abu Bakar

Negative reaction

“I anticipated that kind of remarks. In fact, I warned her that people would react negatively. She has her own reasons. First, she really wants the video to reflect the lyrics and of course, her persona. She wants it to look like an international music video,” he explained.The I Am Me lyric video released in July now has over eight million views on YouTube. There have been reaction videos from fans in South Korea to I Am Me and Ghaz said Vida had them in mind as well during the making of the music video.

“South Korean viewers have reacted positively to the lyric video and she hopes to impress them more with the proper music video.”

Director Ghaz

Director Ghaz described working with Vida for ‘I Am Me’ as fun and is looking forward to collaborating on a possible movie project with her. Filepic

A biopic on Datuk Seri Vida?

Before taking on the I Am Me music video project, Ghaz said he called Yusry Abdul Halim to ask for his blessings. Vida had originally shot I Am Me with Yusry as director but she decided not to release it as she was unsatisfied with the end result.

“Yusry and I are friends (they worked together as co-directors on Cicakman 3). I had to call him first. I don’t want him to find out through the media. He was happy and even gave me tips. His advice was to do what the client wants but at the same time, don’t lose my ground,” Ghaz said.

Ghaz described working with Vida as “fun” and has no problems working with her again in the future. In fact, he proposed another movie idea to her during the shoot.

“I said to her, ‘You know what? Forget about making an action comedy. Why not make a biopic about yourself? One that reflects the ups and downs in your life and business. I think it would inspire the younger generation.’ She was excited about the idea.”

Before Polis Evo, Ghaz had directed music videos for the likes of Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Zizan Razak, Anuar Zain and Shila Amzah.

But just because he has hit it big time as a movie director, Ghaz is still interested to work on music videos.

“Making music videos is passion of mine. I would do it over and over again,” said Ghaz who directed Fazura’s new music video, Bangun. He also shared that another upcoming project is a telemovie starring his Polis Evo stars Zizan and Shaheizy Sam.

“It’s called Baby Bro and it will be out on Astro First during the school holiday period.”