My Decade
Coridel Entertainment

There are singers, and then there are personalities. And on the third solo studio effort from former Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung (known professionally by the mononym Jessica), the songstress’ artistry is up for debate.

Sure, the 28-year-old does songs with great pop sensibilities. Debut Fly and the wintry Wonderland have the kind of sing-along quality that makes them perfect for radio.

That instant catchiness is written all over My Decade’s opener and lead single Summer Storm. With its soaring drums and synths, there’s an effortless anthemic feel-good drive to the track.

Jessica certainly knows how to make pop glitter. But all that glitters isn’t always gold. The major gripe with the former K-pop idol, much like her previous releases, is that her songs usually lack individuality.

Most of the numbers on My Decade sound like they could be on any singer’s album.

Beautiful Mind is a pleasant mid-tempo number that drips with sweetness. It’s a decent and pretty predictable pop track that doesn’t take any artistic liberty. Then there’s Saturday Night that sees Jessica’s vocals stretched too thin.

But if there’s any redeeming quality at all to My Decade (released mere days after Girls’ Generation’s Holiday Night) is that despite all the generic pop songs, Jessica still possess one of K-pop’s more unique voices.

The slower jams Love U and Starry Night feature Jessica’s airy vocals over some sweet acoustics. The singer certainly sounds better in ballads, where her larger-than-life personality shines brightest. Let’s just hope she realises this sooner than later.