The upcoming 29th Malaysia Film Festival (FFM) on Sept 23 will no longer feature two separate Best Film categories – Best Malaysian Film and Best Film In National Language. Instead nominees will compete for one major Best Film prize.

Finas director-general Datuk Fauzi Ayob announced the changes at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur on Sept 13. He said this move will allow all nominees to compete on equal grounds.

Last year, FFM organising committee introduced Best Malaysian Film and Best Film In National Language categories. The latter category was meant for nominees that meet the required 70% Bahasa Malaysia ruling.

Jagat won Best Malaysian Film while Munafik received the Best Film In National Language trophy.

The move was introduced to end the controversial non-Bahasa Malaysia divisive categories for films like OlaBola, Jagat and The Kid From The Big Apple that did not meet the minimum required Bahasa Malaysia ruling.

These films had to compete in separate categories for Best Film, Best Director and Best Screenplay.

This year’s FFM will feature 53 films competing in 18 categories. Potential nominees include films like Hanyut, Interchange, Redha and You Mean The World To Me.

The final five nominees will only be announced on FFM awards night.

You Mean The World To Me

Will the Hokkien movie You Mean The World To Me score any nomination? Photo: Astro