Make sure you tune into Suria on Aug 25 at 8am as the winner of Kecoh Suria will be announced.

Kecoh Suria is a game show organised by the Bahasa Malaysia radio station which sees three groups of contestants – Kumpulan Karipap Kaboom, Kumpulan Cekodok Panas and Kumpulan Nasi Lemak Power – singing, acting and dancing in the hopes of winning its RM10,000 grand prize. The game show has been going on for four weeks.

The contestants comprise Suria deejays Shahrol Shiro, Zulin Aziz, Fizi Ali, Tyzo, Suraya and DJ Lin and celebrities Izzue Islam, Zarul Husin and Amy Mastura.

The competition segments include Lagu Kecoh where each group must sing a song (they only have 20 minutes to prepare the song!); Joget Kecoh where each group must choreograph and perform a dance; Kecoh Sebabak where each group must act out a Sea Games-themed sketch.

Lastly, there’s Mulut Kecoh where the groups compete in a lip sync battle.

The performances, which can be viewed on, are judged by a panel which includes Azwan Ali, Saiful Apek, Pat Ibrahim and Joey.

The winning group will be determined by both the guest judges (50%) and Suria listeners (50%). Vote for your favourite group at Voting ends Aug 24 at 6pm.

Or will it be team Karipap Kebaboom? Photo: SMRG

Will it be team Nasi Lemak Power who will emerge as winner?