Get ready to binge-watch more Japanese films and series in June on dimsum. If you are a fan of Detective Conan, then you definitely do not want to miss the live-action series and telemovies based on the popular manga character.

In the first two Detective Conan titles, he is played by actor Shun Oguri … who looks a lot older than the young Detective Conan we are used to. How? Why?

Well, the series is set just before Detective Conan was poisoned, which resulted in him ageing in reverse to a little boy.

If mystery isn’t your cup of tea, dimsum also offers heart-warming movies – one features Japanese drama queen Yuki Amami, and the other has Japan Academy Prize ceremony’s Best Actress, Ryoko Shinohara.

Here are titles you want to check out on dimsum.

Detective Conan: The Letter Of Challenge – The first live-action film features Oguri as Shinichi Kudo and Tomoka Kurokawa as Ran Mori, Shinichi’s childhood friend and classmate. Shinichi receives a letter, challenging him to stop a kidnapping. When one student does vanish during a class trip, it is up to Shinichi to save her and protect others from the same fate.

Detective Conan: Confrontation With The Men In Black – In this movie, Detective Conan comes face to face with the men in black who poisoned him. Oguri plays the titular role.

Detective Conan: The Mystery Of The Legendary Monster Bird – In this one, actor Junpei Mizobata takes on the role of Shinichi, with Shiori Kutsuna as Ran Mori. Shinichi is invited to a village by a billionaire where the legend of a mysterious Otori bird exist. Before he can even get off the train, someone in the village is killed. Such is the life of a famous detective – he can never have a vacation.

Detective Conan: Kyoto Shinsengumi Murder – Shinichi (Mizobata reprising the role) and Ran Mori visit a movie set, only to become involved in yet another murder mystery.

Detective Conan (Live-Action Series) – A 13-episode series with Mizobata in the title role. It kicks off with Shinichi, Ran and her father waking up in a white room with no memory of how they got there. As it turns out, there are many other white rooms where they are. In each room, there is a single clue meant to jolt our hero’s memory.

Oie-San – This is based on the true story of Suzuki Shoten who transforms her company from a small sugar wholesaler into a world-class trading corporation. She does this with numerous difficulties including the Rice Riots of 1918. The cast includes Detective Conan star Oguri and Japanese drama queen, Yuki Amami.


Desperate For Love

Desperate For Love – Based on a novel, the film centres on a woman who was abused by her mother when she was young. Years later, Terue reunites with her estranged brother who encourages her to seek out their father’s grave. There she learns something about her parents. Desperate For Love won the Best Film at the Japan Academy Prize ceremony. It stars Shinohara, Alice Hirose, Takaya Kamikawa and Rio Suzuki.

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