Local Chinese radio station 988 recently welcomed another Hong Kong-based heavyweight cast member to its upcoming feature film A House Of Happiness.

After 13 days of shooting in Selangor, actor Richard Ng, 77, was joined by Malaysian-born actress Mimi Chu, 62, whom he had previously worked with on Singaporean sitcom Br4thers (or Brothers 4), which first aired in August 2003.

In A House Of Happiness, Ng plays a man suffering from dementia, and Chu plays the nurse caring for him.

Chu (real name Choo Yit Mei) flew in after wrapping a shoot in Taiwan and the production crew took a day’s break to welcome her with a dinner party at a Chinese seafood restaurant in Petaling Jaya recently.

During an interview after the dinner, Chu and Guangdong-born Ng spoke about their collaboration on Br4thers.

“Previously, we were in Singapore acting in an English language sitcom, and I played his wife,” Chu recalled, adding that it was a challenging project for her. “My English is rather limited, so the dialogue was quite impossible.”

Referring to their romantic thread in the storyline of A House Of Happiness, Chu slipped her hand into the crook of Ng’s arm, and said to him jokingly, “This time, I will be getting married to you again!”

Born in Ipoh, Chu is currently based in Hong Kong, where she has appeared in films like Delete My Love (2014), Mr & Mrs Gambler (2013), I Love Hong Kong 2012, and numerous TVB series.

She has also been part of several Singaporean series, including A Tale of 2 Cities.

Due to her packed schedule, Chu said that she would be “in Malaysia for only a few days”.

“I have only eight days to rush and complete 80 scenes. The directors are really amazing. I wonder if I would even have time to sleep,” she said.

“When I got off the plane, I heard from the others that the filming location was extremely hot. That’s what I’m most concerned about. I hope my scenes are all indoors, not outside in the sun. Otherwise, I’d have to slap on the sunblock as thickly as possible!”

The movie is jointly helmed by chief director Ryon Lee and executive director JY Teng. It is set to be released during Chinese New Year 2018.

Chu will have to do some dancing in the movie, and she groused good naturedly that she only heard about it when she got here.

Although director Teng assured her that there would be a dance instructor on the set to guide her along, she still complained jokingly, “Do you mean I have to learn on the spot and perform right away?”

Lee later added that dancing should not be a big problem for Chu, as the multi-talented actress and singer stages concerts quite regularly as well.

Besides Ng and Chu, other cast members include local actors Louisa Chong, Steve Yap, Thian Siew Kim, and 988 deejays Chan Fong, Cheryl Lee and Jason Poon.

A House Of Happiness is jointly presented by Be World Class Management, HK Media and 988, and produced by Lomo Picture Sdn Bhd.

Visit www.988.com.my or www.facebook.com/988.my for details. 988 is part of the Star Media Radio Group.