It will be a feast for the ears as powerhouse vocalists Ziana Zain, Jaclyn Victor and Azlan “Typewriter” join forces and perform at Konsert High Note.

To be held from Nov 25 to Nov 27 at the Istana Budaya in Kuala Lumpur, the concert sees the three local singers – all known for their impressive, soaring vocals – take on songs that require them to deliver the high notes.

“With concerts that involve a few artistes, what’s important is the chemistry. When the chemistry isn’t right, that will make the concert lacklustre,” says Azlan, vocalist for rock band Azlan & The Typewriter, at a press event in Kuala Lumpur.

“Before this, I’ve worked together with Ziana and we worked well,” adds Azlan. So well, in fact, it became the very thing that gave birth to Konsert High Note.

The project was inspired by an unforgettable duet by Ziana and Azlan at the Anugerah Bintang Popular stage back in 2011. The two performed a medley of their respective hits Anggapanmu and Lagu Untukmu which remains a talked-about performance to this day.

Asked if they will be reviving that memorable moment in the upcoming show, Ziana believes in looking ahead. “Every great moment, like the one Azlan and I had, even if we want to repeat it, we can’t. That moment was only for that occasion. Different occasions have different moments.”

Ziana will be performing 10 songs while Jaclyn and Azlan will each take on five numbers, but don’t be surprised if they add in a few more.

Although Ziana will be performing more songs, she doesn’t see herself as the main act of the concert. Instead, she calls it a team effort.

“When we’re all on one stage, some may have more songs and some less, but for me it’s all about teamwork. We make it happen together. There’s no feeling of this person is more junior or I’m more senior. I may be more senior in the industry, but when we’re sharing one stage, we are united,” the Madah Berhelah hitmaker offers.

Meanwhile, Jaclyn says she signed up for the project as it was something she has never done before. “It’s an interesting concept to have three singers together. And being able to combine forces with these singers that are crazy good – the roof will come down.”

Having the three singers placed side by side on the same stage will inevitably lead the audience to compare them. This, however, doesn’t worry them.

“I think our industry is big enough. Although we all have high(-pitched) voices, we’re in different genres. If they compare us, there’s nothing we can do. We just have to do our best,” Jaclyn reasons.

Azlan, who has heavy rock leanings, adds it is the variety in each of the singer’s musical background that makes the concert so special. Ziana, who will be doing most of the heavy lifting for the three consecutive nights, says she will sing in a key she feels comfortable with.

“Most of my hit songs were recorded when I was in my twenties, so bear in mind, that was some 25 years ago!” the revered vocalist says.

“Some people may have the mindset that it will be just like last time. We will sing in a way that is comfortable for our (current) range but it’ll still reach its peaks. The most important thing is for the audience to just enjoy themselves.”

The artistes are rather hush hush about the concert’s setlist but Jaclyn shares she will definitely be singing her hit Gemilang. While she has sung the ballad many times – “I get requests for the song 99% of the time,” she says – she never tires of delivering the uplifting Malaysian Idol coronation song.

“I’m never bored because I’ll always sing it differently. And if I need a boost, I will look back on that night when I won. Although I messed up the lyrics a little, I put myself back there again and remember all the emotions. I can feel the goosebumps again,” says the singer.

Tickets to Konsert High Note, priced between RM142 and RM506, are available on